“You are the WINNER!”

“So Kelly, how is the wedding planning going?”

Jason: “She’ll tell you once she’s done winning everything for it.”

First, a week after we got engaged, I attended a bridal show in Sandy Springs so I could get an idea of what services are available and how much things cost. (The answer: A lot.) Door prizes were raffled off and  I won a bridal bouquet of my choice from A Sister’s Touch. Sweet! I already know which flowers I want in my bouquet. More on that later.

Second, photography was high on my list of wedding expenditures because I would like quality photos by which to remember the day when we’re old and can’t remember what it was like to eat cake and do the Wobble.

Some people splurge on their wedding photography. Some people save by hiring a friend to do it.

We won our wedding photography!

A couple weeks after we got engaged, Kelly’s friend Meghan forwarded her a link to this wedding photography giveaway, mentioning that the photographer is a friend of a friend, and though she’s based in Lubbock, I might want to enter. So I sent my name, our wedding date, and our engagement story to Becca Lea, a very talented natural light photographer. Thinking she’d pick someone in the Lubbock area (or at least in Texas,) I soon forgot about it, until, while babysitting one night in December, I received an email from Becca saying I was her first-place finalist. “What does this mean?” she wrote. “Well, you are the WINNER!”

Holy cow! I had to be careful not to shout and wake up the precious toddler who was sleeping in the next room.

Becca Caniglia

Becca Caniglia, Lubbock-based natural light photographer. Image from Becca Lea Photography.

Thanks to Becca, we will enjoy having her photography services all day of the wedding, proofs, a photo site where we can share our photos with family and friends, and a disk with all photos to keep forever.

From Becca’s website: “Using natural light with a fine art and editorial approach has proven to result in the clean, beautiful imagery that I aim to produce for my clients. Every couple is a huge blessing to me, and I am honored to be part of such a special time in their lives.”

Becca, we are so excited to host you this summer in Atlanta!

**Update April 2014: Becca is now also engaged, to her fiance Seth! Congratulations, Becca! Many happy wishes for a fun engagement period and wonderful marriage!

Mark Marcojos

Mark Marcojos is Kelly’s good friend from Gainesville: photographer, lab rat, pharmacy student, and all-around BAMF.

We’re also looking forward to hosting Mark Marcojos, a good friend of Kelly’s from Gainesville and a great photographer. Mark shoots couples, senior and grad portraits, and weddings in Florida and the South. We can’t wait to host him in Atlanta!


One thought on ““You are the WINNER!”

  1. Beautiful website Kelly! Having fun looking around…hope planning is continuing to go well, and excited for you to have Mark up there taking pictures! I know it’s going to be a gorgeous day. Congratulations again!!

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