Two little words

Jason and I finished our marriage classes last week with Captain Jimmy Bellamy, U.S. Army chaplain. Although I was happy about marrying Jason before we started these sessions, I am over the moon about him now that we have explored the topics essential to a happy, loving, fulfilling partnership in-depth. Subjects that usually give you warm fuzzies like family, children, faith and future dreams, but also more sterile topics like money and personality tests. I loved our time together during these sessions. I loved listening to him talk about his family, his plans for us, and even his admitted shortcomings. I loved sharing my side, too, and feeling a greater sense of intimacy with him after every session.

Capt. Bellamy made us feel comfortable talking with him and with each other, and while I have always felt safe talking about personal topics with Jason, and we have been honest with each other from the start, these counseling sessions have strengthened the security and love I feel with him. 

If you haven’t set aside time recently to talk – I mean really talk – with your significant other in a relaxed, non-confrontational way, make some time this week. You won’t regret it.

Now that we are finished, I’m going to miss walking into the session and feeling the work day slide off upon the sight of Jason sitting at a table, ready to talk. We can re-create this scene every day after August 9, though!

A few weeks ago, a post from the We Are THAT Family blog (which I love) was circulating around Facebook and other blogs as the post du jour. One of my high school friends, who is now raising a Godly family and whom I still look up to, had shared it, so I clicked and read it through.

(Not our feet)

The post was about two little words that can make a huge positive difference in the attitude of your partner and the tone of your marriage: Thank You. “Some days,” the author writes, “it’s the jet fuel that keeps you going.” Other times, “the very thing you need to hear the most is what you need to say to someone else.”

Almost all of this blog has come from me, Kelly, and my perspective on our upcoming wedding. I write about what I’ve planned for all of you. However, Jason has helped more than this blog shows.

  • He jumped on the wedding plan crazy train with me right away when I realized we need to book a venue STAT if we wanted a summer 2014 wedding.
  • He dutifully attended all venue visits, even though it meant working early/leaving work early.
  • He brought his mom to the food tasting, and listened without complaint to my stressing over the menu and beverage combinations and pricing.
  • He has trusted me to take care of all decorations, invitations and other wedding miscellany that he doesn’t care to be involved with.
  • He let Zipper out every Monday we had marriage class because I didn’t have time to stop at my apartment on the way from work and still make it to class on time.
  • He booked the band and is handling all the details associated with them.
  • He hunted down all his family and friends’ addresses for invitations.
  • He is making sure his groomsmen will be prepared for our day.
  • He is planning the rehearsal dinner.
Ufford-Marino wedding

At Ashley and Robbie’s wedding, August 2013

Thank you, Jason, for all the time you are pouring into our wedding. It’s one day, but you are working hard to ensure we’ll remember it fondly for much longer.

Thank you for carrying this responsibility when you have so many other pressing responsibilities.

Thank you for doing all this with a smile.

Thank YOU.


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