Showered with love

There’s lots of wedding activity going on now that we are within two months of the main event! Everyone keeps asking me (Kelly) if I’m stressed out now that the big day looms close. Nope! Me and my type-A personality have already taken care of most of the plans, big and small, for the wedding. Which means I have the time and sanity to kick back and enjoy my last couple of months of being engaged, starting with last Saturday’s bridal shower that the ever-gracious Sue Lanton threw in my honor at Countryside Country Club in Clearwater, Fla.

The Lantons have been friends with Kelly’s family since before she was born. Along with the Thomases, we all lived a few houses apart on Mayfair Court in the 1980s-90s. The Thomases have lived in Ft. Myers since the late 80s, and the Lantons and Donovans left Mayfair Ct. for other local homes in 1993, but we’ve all kept in touch through the years. Between the families, there are six kids: Erin (Junkin) and Geoff Thomas, Larisa (Roberts) and Lesley Lanton, and David and Kelly. We have a long history of spending holidays and big functions together, from breakfasts with the Easter Bunny at Maas Brothers and dinner with Santa Claus at the Club to each others’ weddings in St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Gainesville. They are like cousins to me, and the parents are like second and third sets of parents.

So I was honored and happy when Mrs. Lanton offered to throw me my shower in the most appropriate of places, the same ballroom where we used to hunt for Easter eggs and tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas (Barbies) as kids. She went above anything I could have imagined for a bridal shower:

Mayfair Court ladies

Tracy, Larisa, Kelly, Erin and Lesley

Bridal shower guests

Some of my friends at the shower.

Pom poms and crystals hung from the chandelier.

Pom poms and crystals hung from the chandelier.

How pretty and whimsical is this dessert table? 

How pretty and whimsical is this dessert table?

63 days to go

The official countdown to the wedding day is on!

Lesley, Mrs. Lanton, Larisa

Our wonderful hostesses: Lesley, Mrs. Lanton, and Larisa.

We enjoyed a salad lunch and cupcakes, macarons and fruit pate for dessert. We played “Finish the Bride’s Phrase” for a shower game, which I hope I didn’t make too awkward for everyone in attendance. My answers were not always traditional! Thank you, Mrs. Thomas, for pointing out that because I have always loved to read, the word “books” is a logical word with which I would complete the idea of “marriage.”

Then I opened gifts and was able to thank everyone in person for helping me celebrate.

Gifts are exciting!

Gifts are exciting!


Thanks to everyone who came and shared my joy.


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