Cake and Kickball

Why will you see a kickball on top of our wedding cake in August?

We met by playing kickball in a WAKA league at Hammond Park. Jason had been playing for a couple years; Kelly signed up shortly after moving to Atlanta. Our first team was optimistically called “Looking to Score,” but score much, we did not. Our team worked in just one run the entire season.

Fortunately our lack of success on the field didn’t spill over into life off the field. Jason invited Kelly out shortly after the end of that fall kickball season, and you know how that’s ending up. We’ve continued playing kickball, too, on teams called Frozen Ballers, One Unit, Sloppy Seconds, and most recently, Pitch, Please. This spring season has been the most fun yet because our team finally won a kickball championship!

Pitch Please

Georgia Bandit Spring 2014 Champions!

We like playing not just for the game (it’s just a game, after all) but for the friends we’ve made and the fun times we’ve had with those friends off the fields. We’ve enjoyed birthday parties, game nights, dinners, trips to Las Vegas and a wedding with our kickball friends.

One such friend, Katy, bakes custom cakes and is going to bake us a small cake for the reception, which will be topped with this lil’ cutie:

Kickball cake topper

Mad photoshop skillz.

So, kickball will be part of our wedding and forever part of our story.

Summer league has started and we’re playing as Team “The Empire Kicks Back.” May the force be with us.


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