Wedding in Bloom

Weddings involve a ton of little decisions. Thank goodness Kelly’s friend Kimberly Evans is taking care of some of those decisions for us by choosing and assembling our flowers!

Kelly met Kim while serving as a door holder (volunteer) at Passion City Church. Both of us helped out at our friend Ruth’s wedding in February at the Trolley Barn. When Kelly discovered Kim had done the gorgeous white arrangements and bouquets for Ruth and Jeff, she immediately sidled up to Kim and asked if she was free August 9. Kim agreed to do our flowers and to pray over the wedding. We are so excited to have her help!

Our flowers will be white and green, with some colorful blooms symbolic of our homes and lives blended in:

  • Orange blossoms to represent Florida (it’s Florida’s state flower) and the University of Miami, Kelly’s alma mater. UM’s colors come from the orange blossom: green from the leaves, white from the blossom, orange from the fruit.
  • Cherokee roses to represent Georgia (it’s Georgia’s state flower)
  • Violets to represent Kelly’s sorority
  • Succulents to represent enduring, timeless love (we are not making that up, this site is.)

Here’s some of Kelly’s inspiration. (Because let’s be honest, Jason excused himself from this party a long time ago.)






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