The best request

We installed a widget on this site that allowed visitors to request music for the reception. We threw this party for our family and friends, so shouldn’t they hear their favorite songs?

Right before the wedding, this request from Mike Joyce, Jason’s best man, came through. This request takes the cake:

Name: Mike

Email: ———-
What song do you want to hear?: It’s raining men, Pretty [much] anything from Bone Thugs N’ Harmony catalog, NWA EZ -e is a must.  Claude Debussy, Napalm Death – hammer of war,  Billy Idol, white wedding,  any blood hound gang song,  Richie Valens labomba, Chuck Berry, Innagodadavida by iron butterfly, California Raisins heard it through the grape vine,  TLC, Rick Astley, michael Bolton, just pick one as they are all awesome.  Indigo girls, beach boys with john stamos.  Black oak Arkansas, 2 live Crew,  AC/dc, andrew W K., Antonio Vivoldi, michael buble’,  beastie boys,  neck, the Bee Gees,  anything from black jack,  blink 182, bubba sparks [Ed. note: It’s “Sparxxx,” Mike; get your early 2000s music idols right!], cypress Hill, David Alan Coe , Elvis either one, green Jelly, house of pain, insane clown possy, Jackson 5, john Denver,  lady gaga, the Bieb’s, Marilyn Manson, the Crew cutting or motley both are great, outcast,  rancid, Richard cheese, snow, spin doctors, stuck mojo , rush, the big bopper, chemical brothers, averile levine, panic at the disco, the ying yang twins, Wolfgang amideoes Mozart. Your welcome and David Hassilhöff

Any other requests?: I would like a framed picture of Alfonzo Reberro [sic] to be at my place setting, quality of photo is not important.


We obliged on the music as best as we could, meaning we left it up to Wes and Lance to play what they play best. We don’t think Insane Clown Posse or 2 Live Crew made the playlist, but everyone agreed the music was tops.

As for the photo of Alfonso Ribeiro: the customer is always right, and we delivered with this framed beauty at his place setting:

Alfonso Ribeiro

Also known as “Carlton” from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Cheers, Mike!


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