Spartan Race finishers

After finishing the Spartan Race last March!

We love having your support, and so many of you joining us for our celebrations during the coming months. If you’re looking to return the blessing, we are registered at the following places:

Bed, Bath & Beyond

The Cook’s Warehouse: This is an Atlanta franchise of kitchen supplies and cooking classes. There are two parts to this registry:

Online ordering for items they can ship.

In-store or phone ordering for items that are only available in-store. This in-store list is accessible by clicking on the “item” that is a picture of the two of us. Any of the items on the list that appears within this “product description” can be purchased by calling the store and ordering them. View the list of in-store items we’ve registered for here, and take this list with you if you choose to go shopping at one of their Atlanta locations.

Because we are merging two households and are blessed to already have many traditional household necessities, we have also posted our honeymoon travel budget on, a safe and secure honeymoon registry that works in conjunction with PayPal and accepts pledges. If you click on the item titles on this registry, you’ll see some of the places where we plan to stay and the activities we plan to do.


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